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Yuck wow. This thing about thrashing and hitting you in his sleep is truly creepy.

My dh had this habit of entering the bedroom and tossing himself on the bed without looking where I lie. A few times he really caused me serious pain in that manner - I told him to watch where he steps, etc, but he just got defensive and dismissed both my physical pain and emotional discomfort. I am not sure how to react to that should that happen again.


Eventually, I told Hal that it didn't matter to me why he was hitting me in his sleep, but that it had to stop, and I'd be returning jab for jab if it happened again. It stopped.


I like that!



"He’d thrash about in his sleep and hit me with an elbow, or a hand or foot. All of these, he was sorry for, he said, but they kept on happening."

Same here - I'd wake up CLINGING to the side of the mattress where I'd been PUSHED during the night. My ex told me it was my disability and he wasn't doing it.

Funny, now that I sleep alone it never happens.

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