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I felt like I could have written this myself. The situations you described are IDENTICAL to what I experienced. Thank you for sharing and for helping to open the eyes of other women in need.


Do these men take a class so they all act alike? How did you marry MY husband? It's comforting to know that I am not alone, but scary to think that there are so many like him out there.

It takes a lot of courage to stay, more than it takes to leave. I worry about my daughter's safety, and feel guilty for saving myself. Should I have stayed, like you? What a nasty position to be in, huh?


I left for a while, even had our divorce finalized. However I, like you, found that if I wasn't there to protect my girls he could abuse them and I would never know. They will both be finished with school soon and I will be free to leave. I have no money, no car, no job, and No self esteem left... I'm afraid that I am far to damaged to find my way out of here and manage to make it on my own. I'm scared and so very sad.

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